Two Gardens Make Greater Impact

Three months ago, we started on the verge at 45 Bilambil St. Here is the same verge, all done.

verge garden with one street tree

There is no concrete path so we had to leave a grass path for pedestrians, and a strip along the kerb to allow for passengers getting out of parked cars. The plants were all tubestock which keeps the costs down and means that the occasional loss of a plant for any reason is not a disaster. Many plants are already established and are growing well.

This is the verge next door at 47 Bilambil Street. There were a few working bees and Kylie, owner of 45 Bilambil has finished it off. Under the BCC verge garden policy, you must get your neighbour’s permission before you do any gardening on their verge.

And here is the view that shows how the verge gardens combine to make a corridor for pedestrians and for pollinators and other wildlife. Each garden adds to the impact of the next. Imagine if a whole street was like this and how different it would feel.

As spring approaches the small plants will start growing quickly. The gardens will help the street trees provide shade and cool the street in summer.

These gardens were created over three months with a combination of working bees and the adjoining residents in accordance with the Brisbane City Council Verge Garden policy.

As well as the environmental benefits of these gardens, there have been lots of great conversations, meeting people in the street and surrounding community, and making connections with council and state government representatives, and local organisations like the Banyo and District Community Group and the ACF Community Brisbane Northside group.

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At their August meeting the ACF Community Brisbane Northside group will be discussing the best way of organising working bees when this pilot project is over.

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