Banyo / Nudgee Verges

Listing your gardens on the Shady Lanes Project website provides inspiration and reassurance for others, and opportunities to connect to a wider network. See individual verge gardens from this project so far.

When you list, please tick the box for

  1. Banyo Verge Garden Pilot Project to say you are part of this project so you will be included in our list.
  2. The box for general Nature Strip projects so you’ll be included in all verge garden listings.
  3. If you are part of one of the other groups (eg ACF Brisbane Northside), you can tick them as well.

All planting needs to be in accordance with the Brisbane City Council Verge Garden Guidelines.

Here’s how it works…

Venn Diagram of the interconnecting groups and their member garden listings
The interconnecting groups in the Banyo Project and their member’s garden listings

Most people will just list with their group and be included in that group’s listings. This makes it easy to check your other group members, and also helps promote your group or organisation.

Some people are part of more than one group – these are the people who connect networks and help build relationships between them.

  • Gardener G2 is a member of Queensland Walks and the Banyo project.
  • Gardener G3 is a member of Queensland Walks and the ACF Community Brisbane Northside.
  • Gardeners G4 and G5 are members of the ACF Community Brisbane Northside and part of the Banyo Project.
  • Gardener G1 is part of all three groups.

The groups each verge garden is in with a link to that group’s verge listings are at the bottom of the listing.

Check out individual verge gardens from this project so far or all verge gardens/ nature strips