Regen Brisbane logoWhat would it be like if we transformed the streets of Banyo with council-planted street trees supported by resident-planted native verge gardens, making them cooler, walkable, biodiverse habitat corridors connecting larger green spaces and other local destinations?

What would it look like? What would it feel and smell like? What would it change? Whose lives would it change?

This Pilot Project aims to find out, and along the way test and refine a model for others to follow.

How can you get involved?

You can get involved in one or more ways…


  • Plants will be predominantly native plants indigenous to the region, grown for habitat and soil health.
  • These gardens support street trees that are planted and maintained by Council – roots must not be disturbed and trunks must be clear of mulch or soil buildup.
  • This is slow, low-impact gardening for biodiversity – with no herbicides or pesticides.
  • All planting will be in accordance with the Brisbane City Council Verge Garden Guidelines.
  • We will work with social enterprises to explore how this type of project can create jobs, training and other opportunities for disadvantaged and excluded groups.