Casual Verge Garden Visit


April 14, 2024    
9:30 am - 11:00 am

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We need more street trees to reduce heat in our suburbs and increase biodiversity.

Councils plant and maintain street trees. Residents can help the trees thrive by replacing the grass on the verge with a low-maintenance, native verge garden. Brisbane City Council has a policy and guidelines for residents here. (Bonus: less mowing!)

The ACF Community Brisbane Northside Verge Garden Nature Project is part of the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Save Our Big Backyard campaign to raise community awareness and knowledge about the importance of biodiversity and native habitat in our suburbs as well in regional and remote areas.

Visit an established verge garden to see how native plants and street trees work together to create cooler, walkable, interesting streets.

Shady Lanes Project verge garden

This garden fits within the Brisbane City Council verge garden guidelines and is the garden on the Shady Lanes Project website.

Find out why we need to work within the guidelines and why native plants are recommended.

See different native plants in place, compare the tree in the garden with trees surrounded by grass.

Note: this photo is a few years old. The street tree has grown and the garden has evolved.

Gayle will be on hand to answer any questions from 9:30am to 11:00am

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