The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to increase the understanding and practical implementation of Earth centred governance in Australia.

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Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin is a network of individuals and organisations exploring how we can work together to make Brisbane a regenerative city.

Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin is responsible for overseeing the project, managing finance and expenditure and ensuring timeline deadlines are completed appropriately.

AELA will work with Evah Institute on a life cycle assessment of selected verges within the project and continue to measure benefits as those verge gardens progress and change after the project deadline has passed.

Kira Athanasiov is the Community Coordinator for AELA and represents Regen Brisbane / Meeanjin. Kira is the central organiser of this pilot project.

The Shady Lanes Project provides the collaborative model for this project. They will provide in-kind consultancy, advice, promotion, facilitate connections within BCC and other key stakeholders. Statistics gathered will include total area converted as well as various social measurements.

Gayle Dallaston, Founder of The Shady Lanes Project, and David Dallaston, Advisor on Active Transport and Sustainable Urban Design will be involved in this project.

Dr Kit Prendergast, the Bee Babette is an Ecological Adviser for the Shady Lanes Project
Dr Kit is a native bee ecologist. Her PhD research focussed on conserving bees in urbanised areas, and what management actions, including verge management, can conserve bees. She has conducted numerous native bee presentations for local communities and verge gardening groups, advised the Heart Gardening Project in Melbourne, identified pollinators for a PhD student assessing biodiversity of verges in Melbourne, undertook a literature review on the biodiversity value of street trees, and identified pollinators and was a coauthor on the paper in WA,”The social and ecological benefits of native gardens on street verges.” You can read more about creating habitat for bees in her book “Creating a Haven for Native Bees”, contribute to her citizen science on the facebook group “The Buzz on Wild Bees

Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative was formed in 1998 to create sustainable employment and training opportunities for people with cognitive and/or psycho-social disabilities.  The pilot project will engage NCEC, to support their workers to provide the initial soil preparation work for the verge gardens.

ACF Community Brisbane Northside LogoACF Community Brisbane Northside will bring in their network, organise  and host planning meetings and events. Join their group to receive email alerts.

The group is running a Verge Garden for Advocacy program as part of the national ACF Save our Big Backyard campaign to raise awareness of the need to protect and nurture biodiversity. From this project they aim to support similar collaborative projects throughout the northern suburbs of Brisbane and the Moreton Bay Region.

Queensland Walks is a community based organisation which advocates for more walkable places which will mean more Queenslanders walk! Their aim is to improve the conditions and profile of walking in Queensland, support and encourage government, organisations and agencies to improve policy and funding priorities to enhance walking.

Brisbane City Council has an existing verge garden policy and will provide advice and permits where necessary.

Residents will be required to ensure their verge garden is maintained and in accordance with the BCC Verge Garden guidelines.

We thank the inGrained Foundation for funding for this project.