ACF Community Brisbane Northside is an independently organised, volunteer-run group representing Brisbane northern suburbs and Moreton Bay region and is part of the Australian Conservation Foundation Community Group network.

We are a diverse group from many different walks of life. New members are welcome.


Our Verge Garden Nature Project as part of the Australian Conservation Foundation’s Save Our Big Backyard campaign at Kumbartcho Nursery at Eatons Hill. This is an ongoing flexible and doable group activity that raises community awareness and knowledge about the importance of biodiversity and native habitat in our suburbs as well advocate to protect regional and remote areas.

Banyo Verge Garden Pilot Project: We are collaborating with the Shady Lanes Project, The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin and other groups on this project. We organise the public information events for both projects.

post for the Koala Shelf petitionMcDowall Dry Koala Shelf: We collaborated with other local environmental groups to run a successful petition to install a dry koala shelf under Beckett Road in June 2022. The shelf was installed in February 2023.

Market Stalls: We run market stalls to raise awareness and advocate for the environment.

Sustainable Transport and Urban Design: We support active transport including walking, cycling, and public transport as essential parts of sustainable transport. Many of our members have a keen interest in how we can do development better to manage the increasing population in our region.

If you are interested in joining us or working with us, please contact us.


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